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Food Safety

Meal Planning

Cooking Demonstrations

About Me

Food safety and eating healthy always have been a passion, which led me to pursue a career in nutrition. While working with Oklahoma State University Extension nutrition educators, I have become involved in multiple programs that allow me to help the people of Comanche County by providing them with cooking and food safety lessons. My mission is to help improve the lives of those within my community by providing resources that will enhance their food safety and cooking knowledge so that they may better be able to provide nutritious and healthy meals for their families.


Through the MyPlate program, I have been able to work with members of my community to encourage and provide information on how to improve their nutrition and overall well-being. By providing healthy, budget-friendly recipes, they are able to improve their dietary plans. Working in OSU Extensions has pushed me toward achieving my goals and staying engaged in my lifelong passion of encouraging food safety and healthy eating.



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