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About Me

Serving as a nutrition education assistant enables me to teach nutrition while enhancing my skillset, helping others and furthering my own education. I believe we should never stop learning because life never stops teaching.


I've worked in the nutrition field for 12 years and also am a certified nursing assistant. In these careers, I've learned the benefits of making a positive lifestyle change and eating healthy. I love encouraging a healthy lifestyle and sharing my knowledge with not only my family but also with visitors to the Choctaw County Extension office.


I have nutrition program experience working with both adults and children. I meet with elementary students during the school year, facilitate summer cooking classes and host the Kids in the Kitchen and Teen Cuisine high school programs. My other responsibilities involve individual home visits to help women set weight loss and health-related goals along with advising elders on how to lower their cholesterol and implement healthy eating habits.



  • Kids in the Kitchen
  • Teen Cuisine
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