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About Me

My mission is to help the Carter County community by educating adults on how to provide a healthy diet for themselves and their family. Majoring in Elementary Education while attending Abilene Christian College (now known as Abilene Christian University), I followed my passion for educating children. Working with Oklahoma State University Extension allows me to travel to the Carter County schools and instruct children, grades first through fourth, on the importance in eating healthy and getting proper nutrition.


My faith and love for others has encouraged me to get involved in multiple organizations within Carter County so that I may have a positive impact on my community. Volunteering at the local food bank and the Ardmore House of Prayer Church allows me the comfort of knowing that not a single person has to go hungry. The passion that I have for educating children encouraged me to work with Girls on the Run, teaching life skills to girls through interactive lessons and running games.


OSU Extension allows me to utilize my education and do what I love, while bettering my community.



  • The Local Food Bank
  • House of Prayer
  • Naomi's House in Ardmore
  • Girls on the Run
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